HTML::FormFu, The Missing Manual

HTML::FormFu is a fantastic library for managing web forms. It is a very flexible framework to create and validate forms, and it also provides powerful tools to fetch and update form data from and into a database. Having already used it for a number of application at $work (in conjunction with Catalyst and DBIx::Class), I have been truly amazed by the improvement it has brought in terms of both speed of development and clarity of code.

Unfortunately HTML::FormFu's complicated and somewhat scattered documentation creates a steep learning curve and makes it daunting for beginners to appreciate its full power and flexibility. Indeed almost all reviews on CPAN Ratings mention as their primary concern that the docs needs improving. Therefore I am proud to present the brand new HTML::FormFu::Manual, which has been specifically designed to explain the basic concepts of HTML::FormFu in a clear and beginner-friendly manner, and to allow new users to get up to speed with its powerful features as fast as possible.

Check it out on CPAN now!

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